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Poparazzi: Listen: Rhia – ‘Fire.’

A spark ignites when Rhia’s newest single reaches its chorus. As the song begins, ‘Fire.’ is a slow burn, with its opening verse starting off haunting, whispery and slow, building momentum until the chorus is unleashed — and with it a rollercoaster of emotion as Rhia croons “I’m gasoline and fire, watch me come alive.” There’s power in her vocals, and they take an already catchy song to the next level.

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Vent's Magazine Rhia Releases New Single “Fire”

Produced by Samuel PK Smith (Bebe Rexha, Keeping up with The Kardashians) and co-produced, edited and written by Rhia, “Fire.,” is an electro-pop anthem built on soaring vocals and melodic hooks. Rhia’s powerful voice creates a hauntingly atmospheric feel that sweeps across the booming melody to an intense, epic burst of rhythm and synth. Her soaring vocals are a reflection of the freedom the lyrics espouse—lending an emotional evocation to the message of finally breaking free. From the sky-high notes to the soft, subtle whispers at the quietest moments, Rhia commands every moment of the immersive arrangement. It’s a track that grabs hold of your attention and refuses to release you until the journey is over. Check out Rhia’s unforgettable and remarkable track,  “Fire.”

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